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Denise Richards threesome sex pics

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Denise Richards Porn Pictures

Jun 18, 2008 Author: Wannabe Denise | Filed under: Porn

Words are not enough to describe Denise Richards because she’s simply overflowing with sex appeal and even though she already has children, Denise is still as yummy as ever! This former Playboy model was ranked as one of the sexiest women in the world for both Maxim and FHM magazines and was linked to several Hollywood hunks including estranged husband Charlie Sheen and actor Patrick Muldoon. More often than not that you come across with the likes of Denise who is not only pretty but gorgeous and sexy as well, and you don’t often come across some of the hottest and naughtiest porn pictures of her we have in our possession and we would love to share it to the world and show how slutty this Hollywood babe can be behind the lights and camera as we give you Denise Richards Porn Pictures.

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On staying and looking fit

Apr 8, 2008 Author: Wannabe Denise | Filed under: News

This is Denise Richards’ belief as she focuses on staying fit and healthy. She does not want her kids to hear her complaining about her weight as “That kind of attitude just makes young girls grow up to be dissatisfied with their bodies.” Instead, she wants to stay positive and tries to set an active example for her two daughters, Sam and Lola.

“Working out is part of my life, not just an I-have-to-get-ready-for-a-photo-shoot thing,” she said in an interview for Shape magazine. “I exercise almost every day. The girls usually play in the workout room with me, so they’re learning by example.”

Richards has been criticized lately for including her two young daughters in her upcoming E! reality show. Her ex-husband is at the forefront of the critics. The two figured in a court trial earlier this year which was subsequently won by Richards. She says that despite the criticisms against her, she works hard to stay positive.

It’s an attitude she attributes to her late mother, Joni, who died of cancer in November. Says Richards: “Even at the end, when things were really dire for my mother, she was never negative. There was an inner strength about her.”

She in turn wants that same attitude to be passed along to her two daughters. “I want to teach my girls the importance of picking yourself up and moving forward.” She wants them to know that despite negative attitudes towards themselves, they have to work hard at staying positive and looking forward to a brighter future.

A very good thing to pass along to your children, I might add.

Erasing a piece of the past

Apr 8, 2008 Author: Wannabe Denise | Filed under: Pictures

Denise Richards was spotted leaving the tattoo parlor of the L.A. Ink team in Hollywood. Wearing a long red summer dress and dark sunglasses, the actress covered up a piece of her past by letting the L.A. Ink team rework an old tattoo on her ankle. The tattoo once proclaimed her love for ex-husband Charlie Sheen.

The move by Denise came amidst Charlie’s efforts to prevent their two daughters from appearing on her upcoming reality show. Denise has decided to include their two daughters in the show while Charlie is vehemently against it. Charlie’s dad, Martin Sheen, has publicly called Denise’s decision to put his two grandchildren in the show “a mistake” and “unfortunate.”

Charlie’s fiancée Brooke Mueller told the press, “Charlie and I both think it’s exploitative and not good.” To which Charlie added, “I think we should all just boycott the damn thing.”

Denise has not yet issued a statement on her future plans for her upcoming reality show. What we know right now is that both camps are still at each other’s throats. The former couple are still not getting along with each other after the controversial and tumultuous divorce between them.

Denise Sheen no more

Apr 8, 2008 Author: Wannabe Denise | Filed under: News

The actress’ petition to legally adopt her maiden name was approved by a Los Angeles court commissioner. The move by Denise further established her new found freedom from ex-husband Charlie Sheen.

She never used the actor’s last name for professional or otherwise public purposes. But I guess the actress wants to erase every detail of her former marriage to Charlie. The paperwork filed and signed by the L.A. court commissioner allows her to officially drop “Sheen” from her name.

An ongoing custody battle between the two was only recently finalized. The two were reportedly happy with the arrangement. The actress said that the agreement was “in the best interests of our children.”

This is always good in custody battles. The arrangement must always be for the good of the children to ensure that their interest will still be taken care of despite the split between their parents.

Satisfied with custody agreement

Apr 8, 2008 Author: Wannabe Denise | Filed under: News

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen finally reached an agreement in their hard-fought custody battle for their two daughters. The undisclosed deal supposedly had both actors smiling, indicating both parties are happy with the agreement.

“It is true that an agreement has been reached between the parties regarding their children. Denise is happy with the agreement and believes that it is in the best interests of their children. Although the parties have agreed that neither one will discuss the specific terms of the agreement, Denise is satisfied that the agreement has dealt with all of her concerns.” This is the statement issued by Jill Fritzo, Richards’ representative, to E! News.

Sheen’s attorney could not immediately be reached, but a source said that the case has been settled in his favour. People close to the actor are saying that Charlie is pleased with the results. Denise was looking to cut into Sheen’s time with their daughters as much as possible. She wanted to stop all overnight visits at the actor’s home and objected to his motion for permission to hire his own childcare providers.

Four months after settlement rumors, which Charlie called “absurd”, the actor has finally something to smile about. He called the previous rumors by a tabloid “derisive fiction.”

The ex-couple continued to have disagreements, most recently about Denise’s decision to let their two daughters participate in the actress’ upcoming reality show for E!. But a judge gave Richards the go signal. Unspecified ground rules were laid out with regard to filming minor children.

Denise filed for divorce on March 2005, after citing infidelity and other marital problems against Sheen. The couple announced their reconciliation later that year but by January of 2006, the Wild Thing star moved ahead with her decision to divorce the actor. The divorce was signed off on November of the same year.

At least, in this latest development between the two, both are satisfied as reported. Because the future of their children is at stake here, it is best if both parties are pleased with the agreement. This is for the kids, not about the former couple.

Charlie calls for boycott of ex’s show

Apr 8, 2008 Author: Wannabe Denise | Filed under: News

Charlie Sheen lost the court trial against ex-wife Denise Richards and is now calling for a boycott of the latter’s upcoming E! reality show. The actor took his ex-wife to court in a failed attempt to prevent her from putting their two daughters in her own reality show. Charlie does not want the spotlight on their daughters, as both are still very young.

“Issue a mass boycott,” the actor half-jokingly told PEOPLE at an Academy for TV event for his sitcom, Two and a Half Men.

In January, a judge gave Denise Richards permission to include the ex-couple’s daughters, Sam and Lola, in the upcoming show. The show is being produced by Ryan Seacrest’s company and is as yet untitled. It is supposed to air this summer.

Even though he lost the court trial, Charlie is still publicly opposed to the project. “You don’t go to court and make stands to prevent that if you don’t firmly believe in it,” he said. When asked about the court decision the star replied, ”The world is upside down sometimes.”

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